How Air Water Generators Work:

The earth's atmosphere holds a tremendous amount of moisture in the air. This moisture (humidity) is part of the hydrologic cycle that AWGs efficiently converts into water that contains no impurities, contaminants, bacteria or other micro organisms. AWGs use high tech collection and filtration processes to first extract the moisture in the air and then purify it into pure, safe and the best tasting drinking water... all from the air we breathe.

The diagram below illustrates exactly how an AWG works

Air Water Atmospheric Water Generators are humidity and temperature driven machines. The higher the humidity, the more the machine is capable of producing water. Ideally, the humidity should be 50% or above to achieve optimum performance. In places with lower humidity, the machine will still work well, however water production will take longer. As a rule of thumb, when the GALAXY home and office unit operates in temperatures at 65° or more and the humidity is a minimum of 40%, the machine will produce approximately 3.5 gallons of water in a 24 hour period. At 60%, it will produce 5 gallons. Production will be greater at higher humidity levels.

We guarantee SAFE drinking water:

  • Specially surface coated condensing coils that prevent bacteria, fungus and mold growth
  • Three UV light treatments, including submerged lights in each reservoir to assure 100% safe water
  • Sophisticated filtration system utilizing the most advanced carbon block filters available