About Us

Air Water World USA, Inc. is a supplier of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG's) throughout all of North America as well as the Caribbean Islands and The Bahamas. Our products include many different styles of AWG's for all applications including home, office, commercial, agriculture, disaster relief and emergency preparedness.

As an extension of Air Water International, we offer the safest and most efficient AWG's available. Our patented technology and state of the art, modern factories worldwide, assures that our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. With over 10 years of product development and manufacturing experience, we are the most well equipped to provide the best AWG's on the market today.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff is capable of providing information for all your needs. We can provide the right AWG for you whether it is for a home, hospital system, health and welfare organization, fitness center, hotel, office or any business or for any commercial need.

As an organization, we are committed to providing a solution to the world's water crisis and helping people live better and safer lives. We understand the importance of protecting and preserving our natural resources and doing what we can to maintain a secure water system. Water is essential to life, and Air Water World USA is playing a critical role in assuring that safe water is available to everyone, everyday.

Air Water Global Partners

Contact: Greg
Phone: 604-569-8631
Email: GKM@AirWaterWorldUSA.Com

For information on: India, Africa, Pakistan
Email: IMPORT-AirWater@AirWaterWorldUsa.Com

New England Area

Contact: Matt Gramlich - Specializing in North Eastern USA
Phone: 508-789-9667
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Contact: Michael B.
Phone: 303-868-8325
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Contact: Russ Guthrie
Phone: 717-871-9763
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North Carolina, Washington, Maryland, Virginia & Delaware

Contact: Monte Robinson, P.E.
Company: Robinson Engineering
                 300-D Newsom Drive
                 Yorktown, Virginia 23692
Phone: 757-872-7292
Fax: 888-805-5645
Cell: 757-344-3331
Email: Monte@AirWaterWorldUSA.Com

Contact: Ms. Yvonne Price
Phone: 252-330-2010
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Cell: 757-803-6702
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Georgia & Alabama

Phone: 770-668-4516
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Southwest, Florida

Contact: Mr. Art Garrison
Phone: 239-370-8709
Email: AirWaterNaples@AirWaterWorldUsa.Com

Florida & South America

Contact: Mr. Juan S. Chaquea
              3300 NE 192 Street, Suite 1903
              Aventura, Fl 33180
Phone: 786-252-2915
Fax: 305-974-0112
Email: JCH@airwaterworldusa.com
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Contact: Gary Brondfield
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Contact: Michael B.
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Air Water Texas

Contact: Cecil Johnson, Vice President
              Chief Engineer, Air Water World USA
              Corpus Christie, Texas
Phone: 614-270-9279
Fax: 888-805-5645
Email: Cecil@AirWaterWorldUSA.Com

Contact: Mr. Pete Petropolous, Sales Manager Texas
Phone: 361-548-0320
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West Coast Air Water - California, Oregon & Washington

Contact: Michael B.
Phone: 303-868-8325
Cell: 303-828-8578
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Air Water Mexico

Contact: Michael
Cell: 303-828-8578
Contact: Michael B.
Cell: 303-868-8325
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Email: AirWaterMexico@AirWaterWorldUSa.com

Carribean, Bermuda, Bahamas & Grand Cayman American Virgin Islands, British Virgina Islands

Contact: Robin Cottrell
Phone: 1-869-662-8558
Fax: 888-805-5645
Nevis: Attention CURT
USA-Contact: 303-828-8578
Email: IslandsAirWater@AirWaterWorldUSA.Com