Atmospheric Water Generators [AWGs] are eco-friendly, environmentally sound water making machines. AWGs provide pure, safe and great tasting water for homes, businesses, hospitals, restaurants, farming and many other commercial applications. An AWG extracts the moisture (humidity) in the air and converts it to the purest, cleanest and more importantly, the safest drinking water on earth. This high tech yet simple approach uses patented technology to efficiently “make” water from the air. Through numerous filtration processes, you are guaranteed safe water that is free of bacteria, pesticides, metals, and other micro organisms. Water produced by our AWGs is filtered through carbon block filters, UV treated, re-mineralized and then chilled for maximum taste and freshness. Click How They Work

AWGs can play a large role in the solution to our planet's water problems. Whether needed for residential, office, commercial use, emergency relief or emergency preparedness, Air Water World USA is at the forefront of technology and can provide the most efficient, reliable and safest AWGs. Our machines solve many of our environmental, health and water shortage issues we face today; and we will certainly face in the future.

AWG vs WHO Guidelines

* World Health Organization